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CRISO (CReation and Innovation in SOciety) is a research platform for the Arts, Literature, Languages, ICT and Philosophy run by the LLA-CRÉATIS and ERRAPHIS research centres. It hosts applied research programmes involving academics, artists and stakeholders from the socio-economic and cultural worlds.

Based on the understanding that the creative disciplines have an important role to play in a knowledge-based society, the CRISO platform seeks to foster collaboration between the different partners by constructing research programmes that meet the expectations of stakeholders from the socio-economic world and affirming that creative disciplines can add real value to their research and development strategies. Because they run counter to logics of repetition and duplication, creative processes are vectors of innovation.

The research programmes developed on the CRISO platform also seek to breathe new life into the arts and humanities through the applications they offer, opening up new research directions and fields to explore.

The CRISO platform’s preferred approach is thus a relationship of real exchange, rather than the simple provision of research in response to industry commissions.

To preserve the structure and research specificity of its programmes, CRISO emphasises the key concept of “dispositifs” as used in literary and artistic analysis.




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