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Research orientations

Research at LLA-CRÉATIS currently has two broad axes, fostering synergy between programmes:

Axis I comprises the fundamental research programmes that form the core of work at LLA-CRÉATIS;

Axis II offers applied programmes and programmes involving the transfer of technology and knowledge.

Based on the results of earlier work focusing on the development of a “critique of devices (dispositifs)”, in the period 2011–14 the team continues to link its research to this key concept, which has been particularly important for debates in the journal Critique, where it has been seen as a strength of the “Toulouse School” (following the conference of 2006 at LLA-CRÉATIS).

The omnipresence of the term "device" (dispositif) in current media discourse demonstrates its significance in binding together the technical, pragmatic and symbolic (axiological) domains.

The interaction of these three modes of social organisation also affects works of literature and art, since all have a technological underpinning that facilitates exchange with the audience and conveys values.

So “device” is a particularly unifying notion. For example, around the idea of assemblage (agencement), it offers a space of understanding to students of literature interested in hybrid objects such as illustrated books and researchers in the visual arts who have long been used to "installations". More generally, it is a notion that cross-fertilises creation with reception, since creation requires the use of material means to establish an exchange with readers and viewers that is itself informed by symbolic questions.

Not forgetting that there is no real creation that does not give a role to emerging devices alongside those that are established, whether by promoting them through the applied arts or showing how they act through works enshrined by tradition. These emerging devices also undermine traditional divisions, enabling the development of new concepts and new applications (industrial and social uses).

Publications on the critique of devices



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