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Research programmes

Research at LLA-CRÉATIS currently has two broad axes:

Axis I. Devices of creation and reception

Axis I at LLA-CREATIS covers 4 programmes of fundamental research linking the concept of device (dispositif) to notions of production (of the work and its receiver), an explicit nod to the opening in late 2009 of the Fabrique Culturelle (Culture Factory), a new building for research and creation, which Le Monde of 6 May 2009 described as a “Toulouse-style Medici palace”. Run largely by academic staff at LLA CREATIS (in Musicology, Visual and Applied Arts and Theatre Studies), the building provides a space for experimentation and reflection implicitly linked to the work of the research centre, which is itself receptive to the work of its European artists in residence.

I. 1. Visual devices
I. 2. Scenic devices
I. 3. Construction by readers, listeners and viewers
I. 4. Creation and reception in the intercultural context

Axis II. Application devices: arts, sciences, technology transfers

Axis II of LLA CREATIS covers six programmes in which research in the arts and literature is closely linked to technological applications and research in the so-called hard sciences. Three are promotional programmes with strong industrial potential, one encourages knowledge transfer between science and art, one (financed by the ANR) is based around the development of a database and one makes links with the world of hospitals and concerns the importance of art for society.

II. 1. Languages, language-learning, translation studies and digital tools
II. 2. Meta: ecodesign applied to computer science
II. 3. Drama: theatre and computer science
II. 4. Quantum aesthetics
II. 5. Fabrica (music, heritage and databases on polyphonic improvisation)
II. 6. Art and Health



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